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TCB Podcast Episode 12


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So as I talked earlier in the week we were doing a podcast early because I was going on vacation, but I don't think I could of picked a better night.

In this weeks podcast David Coleman, Sean Fiest, Josh Powling and myself discuss:


  • George Springer, Jack Armstrong and the possibility of signing
  • Hunter Pence trade rumors and the actual trade
  • Trading Michael Bourn
  • Who else gets moved before the trade deadline
  • What we think of J.d Martinez in right field
As I alluded to above we were recording the podcast when the Hunter Pence trade happened so essentially the first half of the podcast, which was filled with Pence rumors and speculation, became a wash. The good thing however is that you get a podcast with instant reaction to the Pence trade, as well as us turning the front office into the children book series Curios George.




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