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Top Astros All-Star Moments: No. 10 - The Bourn Jump

The Jump Heard Round Houston
The Jump Heard Round Houston

With Sunday's announcement that Houston's Hunter Pence will be the Astros lone All-Star representative, it's only appropriate that we kick off our series of the Top 10 All-Star Moments in Astros history. It's a completely subjective list, and one that I'm putting together without much outside influence. I appreciate those of you who responded to the article on Friday, as it helped me in the rankings.

First up is the most recent moment. Last season, Michael Bourn was Houston's lone Astros representative, even though he didn't fit the normal profile of an All-Star. He was the best defensive center fielder in the game and a phenomenal baserunner, but didn't have the typical offensive numbers of an All-Star.

So, his selection was a bit of a win in and of itself. Then, Bourn got into the game, striking out in his only plate appearance. He played in left field as Arizona's Chris Young took over in center. With Marlon Byrd in right, there was quite the collection of outfield defense for the National League. 

Add to that the fact that the National League won for the first time in 13 years and it made for a memorable game. Topping all that off was an iconic shot at the end of the game. Dodgers closer Jonathan Broxton got Ian Kinsler to fly out to Young in center field to end the game. After the catch, Young, Bourn and Byrd came together in center field, jumping up to make a three-sided flying chest bump.

The pictures of that jump will be what I remember from that game more than anything that happened in it. The fact that Bourn was a part of it is just icing on the cake. 

Monday, we'll run the No. 9 moment, and our first from something other than the All-Star Game proper. Bonus points awarded if you can guess what event it might be from.