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Hunter Pence Is An All Star

Hunter Pence is the Astros' All Star representative.

There weren't many choices for the Astros' lone All Star representative.  Hunter Pence and Michael Bourn seemed like the most obvious choices.  Each is a different type of outfielder, but both are valuable, exciting outfielders to have on your team.  Michael Bourn is the fangraphs type player, with the fifth highest WAR among NL outfielders (compared to 13th for Pence), but Pence has the RBI (4th among NL outfielders) and power hitting edge.  Pence was voted in by the players.  His 23 game hitting streak put a topping on a fine year for Hunter.

Pence has highest WPA, which measures game changing performance, and highest Fangraphs clutch stat among NL right fielders---higher even than Lance Berkman.

This FoxSportsHouston article pointed out that both Bourn and Pence are deserving, but recognized that the team's record probably prevents both from going to the ASG.  As Bourn and Pence realized too:

"One of us will get picked. If both we'll be lucky," Bourn said. "That goes with the territory. If your team isn't playing good you don't get a lot of picks. The better record your team has, the more picks you have. That's part of what's going on right now. You've got to take it and run with it."

Said Pence: "Yeah, I think it's going to matter. It should matter. It's a team sport."