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Super Sunday Links 3 July 2011

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While the Astros were getting beat like a rented mule by the Red Sox I was putting together these links for your grilling pleasure.


Blast From the Past

Indians Release Adam Everett - MLB Daily Dish
Looks like it might be the end for Adam Everett. He was always a favorite of mine.

Houston trip will bring back fond memories for Dan Wheeler | Boston Red Sox | | The Providence Journal
Another player in which I've always had a soft spot for and was disappointed when the Astros decided to let him go.



State of the Astros

Scouting The Trade Market: Wandy Rodriguez | River Avenue Blues
While the Yankee's think he's only a back end starter, this scouting report by Joe Pawlikowski thinks he's a valuable number two or three starter. There's one catch though his recently signed contract extension that makes it a commitment for the team trading for him.

25 Positive Statements About the Houston Astros - Houston News - Hair Balls
John Royal looks at the brighter side of the Astros, can you come up with your own?

Rating Interleague Rivalries - Baseball Nation
Rob Neyer rates the Astros vs Rangers rivalry at lucky number 7.

Adam Dunn proving that changing teams can wreak havoc on players - Tom Verducci -
This just oozes Astros. It addresses players moving to new teams and struggling, Bill Hall and Pedro Feliz come to mind. Also the randomness of bullpen pieces is discussed.



Monthly Awards

Appy Astros: Appy Astros Alumni of the Month - June
AppyAstro hands out his awards for former Greeneville players.

Ultimate Astros » Farmstros June Player of the Month Candidates
Vote now for the Farmstros player of the Month.



State of Baseball

Where Are All the Runs At? Part III - Beyond the Box Score
Bill Petti | In part III of this series, I take a look at whether the further drop in the run environment in 2011 can be attributed to new pitchers.

Following Up On College World Series Bunts | FanGraphs Baseball
Bunts, bunts and more bunts.

Joe Blogs: 14 Crazy Baseball Facts
I love lists like these. It's not supposed to be serious but it brings up some interesting facts about statistics and baseball. Like Johnny Damon having as many hits as Ted Williams.