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Friday Trade Deadline Thread

Up until yesterday I didn't know whether or not Hunter Pence was going to be traded. At the ended of the day I think it's pretty clear he's going to be moved. Unlike last year it appears Ed Wade has all the leverage and it looks like he's taking full advantage.

I also think either Wandy Rodriguez or Brett Myers gets moved and either Clint Barmes or a bullpen piece.

Between work and twitter I'll try to keep this updated as best I can with the latest trade rumors/news.



Ultimate Astros » Pence in Friday night lineup as trade talks heat up
Pence in Friday night lineup as trade talks heat up

Ranking MLB trade chips - ESPN
The biggest names still on the market? Astros outfielder Hunter Pence takes top honors as the deadline looms. According to Stark the Phillies have offered Domonic Brown but Astros want to spin him off for more prospects.

Hunter Pence Wikipedia Page « Giving Chase
Philly fans have a little fun with Pence and his Wikipedia page. (h/t AstroBrit)

A scout's dissenting view of Astros' Pence | Philadelphia Daily News | 07/29/2011
Not every Philly's fan is on-board with adding Hunter Pence. One part of the scouts report that interested me was his inability to hit good starting pitching. I did a quick search and sure he doesn't have great numbers against top pitching (who does) but against Cliff Lee (hello Braves FO) he's got a 1.125 OPS in 8 PA and a .781 against Adam Wainwright (OPS against is .660) in 32 PA. Sorry I'm not buying it. (h/t AC)

Astros County: The Only Astros Blog That Matters: Braves starting to cave?
My feeling is that Atlanta is only in on Pence to raise the price on the Phillies. If anything they're probably talking to the Astros about Bourn better fit and not as much demand.

mlb trade deadline hunter pence houston astros - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN
Looks as if the Astros will move onto suitors if the can't work out a deal with the Phillies for Hunter Pence.

Twitter / @richardjustice: I'm told he definitely cou ...
I'm not linking many tweets because there are far too many of them, but I found this one interesting.

Reds In On Michael Bourn : MLB Rumors -
Not the greatest fit, but could push Atlanta to do something.

Also if you have predictions for the following players let us know in the comments and I'll add them up for the podcast recording tonight. I want to know if they're getting traded and if so where to:

Hunter Pence

Michael Bourn

Wandy Rodriguez

Brett Myers

Carlos Lee

Clint Barmes

Wilton Lopez

Someone else?