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Astros Take Another Loss This Time Due to Replay

What's the point of replay if you can't get it right.

In the bottom of the first inning Albert Pujols hit a ball that to just about everyone appeared to be off the top of the wall in left center field. The umpires had a different idea and it was initially signaled a homerun but after a quick discussion between the umpires and Brad Mills the umpire crew disappeared into the stadium to go "take a look." Either the crew got lost or they decided to check in on another game, because they emerged waving the homerun signal. The broadcast crews for both teams found conclusive video evidence of the opposite.

Allow me to rant for a moment. This is the problem I have with this kind of replay if you're not going to get it right then let someone else do it. I believe MLB's replay should be structured more like the NHL rather than NFL, where you have someone in a booth looking at replays. Instead the egotistically umpires of the MLB have to go see it with their own eyes and make their own call which could very well be influenced by what jersey a majority of the fans are wearing that evening.

Now I admit I'm probably a little heated and overreacting in regards to that last point, but I still think there is some pressure to favor the home crowd, a guy making a call from a booth feels absolutely none of that pressure.

And why do umpires disappear into the stadium to review a call. Why hasn't MLB equipped them with iPods or another hand held device that the replay can be sent directly to. Any fan in the stands with a portable device and the MLB At Bat App has it, why don't the umpires. MLB has done the best job of any sport in using technology to enhance it's product for the consumer why not use it to improve the calls made on the field.

Back to the game.

In the third innings the Astros got on the board after a lead-off double by Michael Bourn he was driven in by Carlos Lee who hit a ground ball single into right field. The sad thing is that the Astros had runners on base every inning except the 6th and 8th innings, so it's not like they had opportunities, it appears the Astros are not happy with the Seattle Mariners stealing their thunder.

The Cardinals tacked on another run in the bottom of the 6th inning with a real homerun from David Freese. In the 9th after back to back strikeouts by Angel Sanchez and Jason Michaels, Bourn walked and Matt Downs came on to pinch hit for Jose Altuve and proceeded to strike out to end the game.

On the mound Brett Myers had another good game going 8 innings (complete game) with 4 strikeouts, no walks and three runs earned on 11 hits. It's his third game in which he's gone at least 6 innings and allowed three runs or less.

Pulling Altuve for a pinch hitter in the ninth inning with the game on the line is really disappointing especially considering Astro fans are having a hard time grasping something positive from this season. All the hype Altuve brought from the Minor Leagues was hope for Astro fans but with him getting pulled it's simply a missed opportunity and makes this team really hard to watch.