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Monday Liftoff Links

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While the Astros were getting swept back down into the basement I was putting together these links for your down in the dumps mood.


The Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Weekend: Flash mobs, a new awards show and Jim Perry
Here's what's happening in Cooperstown.

Joe Posnanski " Posts The Future of the Hall of Fame "
A look at the future voting of players and how the steroid area effects those up for election. Both Houston favorites Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio are discussed.

Baseball Hall of Fame: Bert Blyleven, Finally - Baseball Nation
A look at Blyleven and his struggle to get into the Hall of Fame. I wonder how many voters ended up putting his name on the ballot every single time they had the opportunity to do so.



Trading Hunter Pence

Astros County: The Only Astros Blog That Matters: Now the Astros are holding on to Pence
An update on the Hunter Pence and Brett Myers trade markets via AC.

Astros County: The Only Astros Blog That Matters: Last Boston media/Pence rumor of the morning
Prepare to take all reports on Pence's status with a grain of salt. At this point reports are just about as useful as promises made by politicians on the campaign trail.



The Astros

Ultimate Astros " Wandy has strong showing in second-to-last outing before trade deadline
Consider me off the Brad Mills bandwagon for his comments regarding Jose Altuve in this article. Essentially Altuve hasn't mastered the art of bunting and Mills wants him to improve in that area. Mills then recognized that he's teared it up in the Minor Leagues so hasn't had many opportunities to bunt. Face meet palm.

Hooks' Goebbert gets dirty, gets results " Corpus Christi Caller-Times
Hustle, hard work mean a longer stay in Corpus Christi than anticipated. Greg Rajan of the Corpus Christi Caller profile Jake Goebbert an under the radar prospect that has made his way to AA.