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Two Steps Forward Two Steps Back

Astros lose another one to the Cubs this time 5-1.

Wandy Rodriguez pitched well, the bullpen didn't and the offense well it picked up right where it left off yesterday. Instead of giving you another boring recap of a loss I've decided to put my thoughts on this game in bullet format:

Warning these thoughts are negative and cynical if you want something positive might I suggest pictures of puppies.

  • Remember all those games lost by the pitching, now that the pitching has figured it out the offense has decided it's scored enough runs for the season.
  • My heart breaks for Rodriguez, Bud Norris and Jordan Lyles.
  • I'm pretty sure the only time Michael Bourn has been thrown out is either via the pickoff or a bad call by the umpire.
  • Angel Sanchez is on pace to get 400+ plate appearances. This team will not be good as long as Sanchez is getting more than 200 plate appearances. I'm not saying he's a bad player, I like his versatility and him coming off the bench as a pinch hitter, but using him anymore than that is putting the Astros at a disadvantage.
  • Sanchez has hit in the two hole in 42 games and has a .293 OBP. The next player is Clint Barmes with 24 games and a .284 OBP. The two hole has been a problem for Mills partly due to players struggling but mostly of his own doing. 
  • Chris Johnson is playing not because he's young but because his dad is buddies with the coaches. See Brett Wallace, J.R. Towles and Felipe Paulino on how the Astros typically handle struggling young players.
  • I wonder how Mills' favoritism of Sanchez and Johnson plays in the clubhouse.
  • Remember when Mills said he was going to give his new look lineup more than a few games. It took him 6 games to ditch it, and the Astros played .500 ball in that stretch. 
  • Jose Altuve got yet another hit given time he'll be fine. When Sanchez plays expect him to be batting down in the lineup.
  • The wOBA for the lineup today in order was: Bourn .351, Sanchez .278, Pence .370, Lee .325, Johnson .295, Wallace .331, Altuve .279, Corporan .210
  • There was another outfield collusion today, my guess is frustration.
  • Now that people are figuring out the bullpen has been decent recently the bullpen has decide expectations may get to high.
  • A brand new day is tomorrow. Kiss your loved ones and if you get to down find some pictures of puppies.