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Hallelelujah, The Drought Is Over, Astros Post Back-To-Back Victories

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It's the little things that matter. Should I be mad that it chose to rain here for the first time in almost six months on the days I chose to move? Or, should I be thankful for the much-needed rain to the area?

Similarly, should we be angry at how bad the Astros are right now or that they may have rushed everyone's favorite prospect to the majors early? Or, should we simply enjoy a two-game winning streak and the first series victory in over a month?

I'm voting the latter. This season has been trying, difficult, soul-wrenching and not fun. But, on the balance, there's still enough to root for to keep me watching. I like that Jose Altuve is playing in the big leagues, even if I don't think he's necessarily ready. I'll enjoy watching him from now until September. I like that Brett Myers is pitching better, simply because the Astros might be stuck with him for two more seasons. His relatively young age also means there's hope he could bounce back into a front-line pitcher (though that's mainly a pipe dream). Myers was basically staring across the mound at the player he could morph into in a few years. I wouldn't hate the idea of a younger Livan being in the rotation for 2012 and 2013.

Oh, and there's even hope for one Jason Michaels. Pinch-hitting in the bottom of the 11th, he delivered his first meaningful moment of 2011. That may not be enough to undo his months of black hole-itis or justify the money he's making this year, but a win's a win. Might not have happened without Michaels today.

Thursday's a day off before a weekend series in Wrigley. Could the Astros possibly win two straight series now? I'll settle for more Altuve...