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Astros Salvage Series Win Against Nationals 3-2.

This guy had three walks. You heard me THREE walks.
This guy had three walks. You heard me THREE walks.

Due to some miscommunication you get two recaps, enjoy.


At 33-65 it looks like the season may finally be picking up. Not only have we seen one of the first trade chips moved but we also got a nice surprise with the unexpected call-up of Jose Altuve. Could this be the beginning of something beautiful? Time will tell, but it's all hands on deck in the front office and the excitement may only beginning.

Jose Altuve's debut at the plate began with three flyouts but ended with a single in the bottom of the ninth inning to right field for his first Major League hit (love the Joe Mauer commercial). He was pulled after the inning was over for a double switch which saw Angel Sanchez take over at second base.

As for the rest of the team, Brett Myers pitched another good game. He went 7 innings scattered 8 hits, struck out 4 and walked 2 allowing only 2 runs both earned on a (surprise, surprise) homerun by former teammate Jayson Werth. The bullpen came in and ended up pitching 4 innings of shutout 1 hit ball.

Offensively 9 Astros had hits with Michael Bourn, Clint Barmes and Humberto Quintero each collecting 2 hits. The three runs were charged to Carlos Lee, Humberto Quintero and Jason Michaels who had the game winner. The offensive star of the game though goes to Hunter Pence who had 1 run scored, 1 hit and 3 walks. It's only the second time this season an Astro has walked three times, the only other time was Brett Wallace who collected three against the Pirates on the 16th of June.

It was a good game all around by this team and a nice win but I want to take a moment to address something very serious...

Fans don't let managers sacrifice bunt their best hitters.

Now I didn't see the sacrilege bunt (thank goodness) but apparently after back to back walks by Pence and Lee, Wallace laid down a bunt to move the runners over. This is absolutely unacceptable if it was on Wallace's accord he's got to have more confidence in himself for me to jump back on his bandwagon. If it was the managers call / could you? We are on the same team right? Anyways after the bunt Tyler Clippard walked Chris Johnson and then induced a pop up and strike out of Barmes and Quintero respectively.

Still the Astros won and that's all that matters.