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J.A. Happ Won A Game? Astros Beat Nationals 7-6

We all know that J.A. Happ has really been struggling of late, and you have to go all the way back to May 14th for Happ's last win. He received an unusual amount of support as the offense accounted for six early runs, but Happ tried to give most of it back.

Even though he recorded the win, Happ wasn't very sharp tonight. He allowed five runs and 11 total baserunners through 5.2 innings, and he was frequently leaving his fastball up in the zone. As Michael Morse continues to mash Astros pitching, J.A. continues to get behind early in the count. I don't believe that it's necessarily time to demote Happ, but he's clearly the worst pitcher in the rotation right now. 

David Carpenter showed that he's not invincible tonight, allowing a run in the seventh and getting hit hard in the process. I'm surprised that Mills left him out there for the eighth, but then again Mills let Jordan Lyles pitch into the ninth last night. To each his own Brad, your decisions have certainly been puzzling lately.

I thought Jose Altuve might get to pinch-hit for Sanchez in the eighth with Bourn on second, but Brad Mills wasn't feeling it. Altuve watched the later innings from the dugout, and he honestly looked like a little kid in a candy store. Whether you think Altuve was called up prematurely or not, he's going to be a joy to watch everyday. I'm anxious to see how he handles himself on the big stage tomorrow afternoon, and maybe we can even win the series.