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Tuesday Liftoff Links

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While the Astros were preparing for their series against the Washington Nationals I was putting together these dignified links.



Something is Going on at the Farm

Star Wars Night Recap: Evil Empire in town at "The Joe" " 'Cats Corner
What happens when baseball and Star Wars collide. Very cool collection of pictures from an interesting night for the Tri-City Valley Cats.

Pretty in Pink " 'Cats Corner
I do love pictures.

2011 Sleeper Alert! List Review, Part Two - Minor League Ball
John Sickels reviews his 2011 prospect sleepers. Ben Heath is on the list and it's not looking good.



Diving into the Trade Market

Pirates Rumors: Bucs Eyeing Hunter Pence? - MLB Daily Dish
We're covering the latest Pittsburgh Pirates rumors today, including a report that the Bucs are scouting Astros right fielder Hunter Pence.

MLB Trade Deadline: Buyers, NL Edition
The Biz of Baseball reviews the needs of buyer teams in the NL. It appears that all of them could use one Astro or another, whether they're a good fit though is another matter.

Inside the Phillies: Phillies trade possibilities from two scouts' perspectives - Page 2 -
A look at who the Phillies are looking to acquire with comments from an AL and NL scout. Some interesting perspective on Hunter Pence and what it would require to acquire him.



The Silly Things the Astros do

Quintero still getting comfortable behind plate | News
This is annoying. 1) Rush a player back from the DL 2) then making excuses for said catcher when he's not throwing out runners 3) catcher is also going to be 32 in August. Injury + rushed + old age = bad move

Picking Nits...There is a Bottom Line
After every Astros game, the nit pickers come out and question many of manager Brad Mill's decisions. Greg Lucas comes to the defense of Brad Mills and while I respect his opinion I have to disagree. When you're batting Angel Sanchez and his .306 career OBP second you deserve to get nit picked. There's no reason you shouldn't be optimizing your lineup especially on a losing team. Giving at bats to someone who bunts in the first inning WITH the stolen base league leader on base is just silly.