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Friday Liftoff Links

Getty Images for NASCAR

While the Astros were looking to close out another losing series, I was putting together these links for your Fun Friday.



Digging Deeper

Why Jonah Lehrer's Criticism of Sabermetrics is so Disappointing - Beyond the Box Score
Apparently there's some guy (Jonah Lehrer) who ticked off some other guys (statistically minded writers) in regards to the use of statistics in sports.

Where All The Runs At? Part II - Beyond the Box Score
Bill Petti | While it's hard to untangle hitting from pitching, it does appear that we've seen an influx of great to elite young pitching whose results aren't simply a function of the decreasing run environment.

Inducing Whiffs: Breaking Balls - Beyond the Box Score
The whiff.



Taking it Outside the Lines

A look back at four years ago today: Biggio’s 3,000th. " Alyson's Footnotes
Alyson Footer brings back a very touching letter from Craig Biggio to the fans.

Sheen says he took steroids during 'Major League' | Sports | - Houston Chronicle
And you thought only athletes juiced.

Why Dodgers Bankruptcy Hearing Signals End of McCourt
This could be the beginning of the end for Frankrupt.

A Pointless Rant about Joe Mauer, Jesus/Judas of Minnesota - Minor League Ball
While this doesn't involve the Astros the message can certainly be applied to the Astros and where we are as a fan base.



Interviewing People Who Matter

"I was surprised that Drayton chose to sell the ballclub because I really don’t think that was what he wanted to do."—Nolan Ryan | SportsJustice | a blog
Richard Justice interviews Nolan Ryan. Some interesting tidbits about Ryan's connection with the Rangers and realignment. I never really thought about the fact that changing leagues would actually give the Rangers more games in the central time zone.

Interview with former Jacksonville University shortstop Jimmy Howick, a Houston Astros 2011 Draft Selection | Ball Game Talk: Baseball Blog
An interview with Jimmy Howick the Astros 21st round selection of this past years draft.