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2011 MLB Draft Third Day Open Thread

Talking about the draft? You've come to the right place. Here you can discuss Day 3 of the Rule 4 draft, and find analysis of the picks as they come in. We'll also update this space with those picks as we see them.

31) Jarrod McKinney, RF, Arkansas

32) Zachary Dando, RHP, Central Arizona

33) Dominique Taylor, CF, Salt Lake CC

34) Dustin Kellogg, RHP, Caney Creek HS (TX)

35) Christopher Morales, RHP, Clear Creek HS (TX)

36) Kevin Gonzalez, C, Texas A&M

37) Steven Martin, RHP, Texas A&M

38) James Propst, RHP, Oklahoma State

39) David Haerle, RHP, College of the Canyons

40) Buddy Lamothe, RHP, San Jacinto College

41) Chase Davidson, 1B, Georgia

42) Hoke Granger, CF, Northside Methodist Academy (AL)

43) David Grimes, OF, Upton Lakes HS (NY)

44) Blake Ford, RHP, Lamar

45) Chris Epps, OF, Clemson

46) Justin Shults, 1B, UC-Riverside

47) Zachary Hardoin, LHP, Missouri

48) Andrew Murray, C, Westfield HS (NJ)