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Super Sunday Links 5 June 2011

While the Astros were being rumored to be working out a deal with Chris Reed, I was pulling out what little remaining hair I had left. Then I put together these links.


The Draft

THT-approved 2011 MLB mock draft
As a preview to Monday's first-year player draft, The Hardball Times takes a stab at how things could shape up in the first round. Archie Bradley goes to the Astros at 11.

The Houston Astros And The Curse Of The 11th Pick - Baseball Nation
The Houston Astros are picking 11th in the 2011 MLB draft. Is that a good thing, or is this a marriage of first-round curses?

Astros' 2011 First-Year Player Draft preview with's Stephen Goff - Houston Houston Astros |
Stephen Goff has his preview and does a mock of the draft that will be here before you know it. He gives a little insight as well as identifies Archie Bradley as the selection the Astros will make.



These Are Your Houston Astros

Ultimate Astros " Pence enjoying opposite-field success in bounce-back season
Zachary Levine takes a look at the numbers involved in Hunter Pence's success.

Ultimate Astros " Talking points: What forks in the road lurk along Jordan Lyles’ career path?
Steve Campbell takes a look at some of the history hurdles Lyles will be facing as a young pitcher.

We’re not letting Ed Wade acquire another second baseman. Come to think of it, third base and shortstop are out, too | SportsJustice | a blog
Apparently Richard Justice and I are on the same wave length mentally. I don't know if I should be pleased or afraid.

RedHawks Crush Express, 11-1 | Oklahoma City RedHawks News
How you like me now Round Rock.



The Baseball World

Billy Beane to Kurt Suzuki: Don’t Get Hurt | FanGraphs Baseball
Alex Remington brings up an interesting point about the blocking the plate debate. Instead of a rule change it should be about changing the culture of baseball.

MLB Power Rankings: Royals On Top, Phillies At The Bottom - Baseball Nation
Astros ranked number 5 in this week's power rankings from Baseball Nation.