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TCB Podcast Mock Draft Special

So you get home ready to watch some baseball, but then you realize the Astros are playing on the West Coast and won't be on until 9PM CST. Instead of weeping helplessly into your hands how bout you tune into this special edition of the TCB podcast. David Coleman, Brooks Parker, special guest Sean Feist (@native_astro) and myself all got together to hammer out TCB's mock draft.

We went selections 1 through 11 with David, Brooks and Sean each giving their selection for that spot. The player with the most votes was taken in that spot. In the event of a tie I made the determination of who went in that spot.

The results of the mock draft will be available after the jump for those who don't have the time or the desire to listen to the full podcast.

I am still working on the iTunes feed I just haven't had as much time to devote to it this week. Also the RSS Feed still needs to be updated so if you did the work around but don't see the Mock Draft podcast that's why. I should have that updated by tomorrow morning.

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If you have any comments or questions in regards to the podcast you can email the show at If you have a question you'd like us to answer on the podcast be sure to include your name and where you're from.

TCB Mock Draft:

#1 Pirates: Gerrit Cole

David - Gerrit Cole

Brooks - Gerrit Cole

Sean - Gerrit Cole

#2 Mariners: Anthony Rendon

David - Anthony Rendon

Brooks - Anthony Rendon

Sean - Anthony Rendon

#3 Diamondbacks: Danny Hultzen

David - Danny Hultzen

Brooks - Danny Hultzen

Sean - Danny Hulzten

#4 Orioles: Dylan Bundy

David - Dylan Bundy

Brooks - Dylan Bundy

Sean - Dylan Bundy

#5 Royals: Trevor Bauer

David - Bubba Starling

Brooks - Jed Bradley

Sean - Trevor Bauer

#6 Nationals: Bubba Starling

David - Jed Bradley

Brooks - Bubba Starling

Sean - Bubba Starling

#7 Diamondbacks: Sonny Gray

David - Sonny Gray

Brooks - Alex Meyer

Sean - Sonny Gray

#8 Indians: Taylor Jungmann

David - Jed Bradley

Brooks - Alex Meyer

Sean - Taylor Jungmann

#9 Cubs: George Springer

David - Francisco Lindor

Brooks - George Springer

Sean - George Springer

#10 Padres: Alex Meyer

David - Alex Meyer

Brooks - Alex Meyer

Sean - Cory Spangenberg

#11 Astros: Archie Bradley

David - Archie Bradley

Brooks - Archie Bradley

Sean - Archie Bradley