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Mills Can't Even Watch, Astros Lose 7-3

It pains me to say this, but it could be a little while until Jordan Lyles records his first major league win. With the current state of our team and low offensive output, it's more than likely that Jordan will have to throw a gem in order to ensure his first professional victory. He threw his best game at Wrigley in his debut, but he really hasn't been as sharp since then.

When taking into consideration that he's still the youngest player in the majors and two of his starts have come against the powerful Texas Rangers, I have been relatively pleased with Lyles' performance on the mound. He continues to show good mound presence, and I envision that he could be a mainstay in the Houston rotation for years to come.

With that being said, you can't deny that Lyles has been getting hit hard lately. While consecutive starts against the Rangers would normally bode poorly for most starting pitchers, tonight was further evidence that Lyles is leaving too many pitches over the plate. He won't blow too many fastballs by opposing hitters, and he has to rely on his solid pitch command in order to achieve success. Well, he is struggling with his command right now and surrendering a lot of fly balls as a result.

On another note, Brad Mills got tossed again. That makes four ejections for Millsy this year, and he finally seems to be showing some frustration as this disastrous season rolls on.

The losses keep mounting, but it's only a matter of time until the front office is faced with important trade offers. When that time comes, we can talk about something interesting that concerns the future of our beloved franchise. Until then, let's just watch the 'Stros battle and look for some bright spots as difficult as that might be.