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Is Roy Oswalt's Career Over? Does It Matter To You?

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Last night, Roy Oswalt was pulled after two bad innings against the Cardinals with more back problems. It looks like he's headed back for the disabled list for the second time this season.

Now, he's not currently an Astro, but since he spent so many years here, I thought it appropriate to discuss what this all might mean. Back injuries are nothing new for Oswalt and there's a chance that last night was his last start as a major leaguer. I don't anticipate that to be true, but there's a chance it is. 

Part of the reason for that is that Oswalt may just retire after the season either way. If he's got a back problem that keeps recurring, would that hasten his thoughts of retirement? We heard a couple of years ago that Oswalt was already thinking of retiring at the end of his contract. 

The question is what does this do to his legacy? Oswalt will fall short of the Hall of Fame, but I'd also wager he'll be remembered more for his contributions to the Astros than to the Phillies. If the "Big Four" turn into a Big Three with Oswalt out, does that still become part of his legacy?

More importantly, if his time in Philly and career are both over after this season, does it color your memories of him?