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Thursday Liftoff Links

While the Astros were finishing up a series with the Rangers I was putting together these links for your readership needs.

The Train Wreck That is the Astros

Brett Myers' Regression - Baseball Analytics Blog - MLB Baseball Analytics
A break down on the struggles plaguing Brett Myers.

Present is painful for once- mighty Astros " Abilene Reporter-News
Some interesting quotes from Michael Bourn, Brett Wallace and Hunter Pence on losing and the rebuilding process.

Ultimate Astros " Talking points: If the Astros could just shorten games, they’d be in business. Sort of.
Steve Campbell breaks down the bullpen.

Ultimate Astros " What’s happened with Happ? Or has nothing really changed?
Zachary Levine has a good breakdown on what's wrong, or isn't wrong, with J.A. Happ.

Trade Rumors: Phillies Addressing the Outfield Market - MLB Daily Dish
Something I'm sure many would be happy with. Could the Phillies really go after Carlos Lee? I'd say it's pretty slim and I think there are much cheaper options that would provide the same kind of production.



The Up and Up That is the Farm System

Ultimate Astros " Taking the over-the-top approach: Wright improves after abandoning sidearm delivery
What I like about the Wesley Wright experiment as a starter is that at least the Astros explored that option even if it didn't pan out. Could you imagine an Astros bullpen with three lefties in it? That's hot.

Appy Astros: Get To Know Your 2011 G-Stros
AppyAstro has your opening day roster breakdown for Greeneville.



The Business That is Baseball

MLB Rejects FOX Deal for Dodgers, McCourt Threatens Legal Actions
It came as no surprise today that Commissioner Selig rejected the proposed FOX television contract extension with the Dodgers. The deal, which had $385 million in up-front money as part of a $3 billion deal, was tied to a divorce settlement between Frank and Jamie McCourt.

Mark Cuban Interested in Purchasing the "Mess" that is the Dodgers
Here's a swiff kick to the teeth. Cuban goes after the Cubs, Rangers and now has interest in the Dodgers, while passing on the Astros. Having someone like Cuban repulsed by the thought of owning the Astros is a bit discomforting.