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This Day In Astros History: June 23, 2006

Not every one of these can be happy. Sometimes, a little rain falls on every website. On this day, five years ago, the Astros dropped an interleague game 7-4 to the Chicago White Sox, who had beaten them the previous October in the World Series.

This one was even started by Andy Pettitte and both Lance Berkman and Chris Burke hit home runs. Alas, it wasn't quite good enough. Part of that was because Pettitte wasn't good at all. He allowed six hits, six runs and four walks while striking out four in four innings. 

Oh, and I didn't tell you the best part. The Immortal Scott Podsednik hit a grand slam off Pettitte in the fourth inning. I don't know what it is that Scotty Pods owned the Astros, but that made two huge homers he hit off Astros pitchers in about a nine-month span.

Burke started in center field, going 2 for 3 with three RBIs, a walk and a double in addition to the home run. Berkman, who was the designated hitter in this game, was also 2 for 3 with a walk and his 21st home run of the season. Oh, and Preston Wilson was also 1 for 4, dropping his average slightly to .283 and his OPS to .739. I had forgotten that Wilson wasn't a complete waste of space. Do you think that the Astros would take that production from Carlos Lee this season?

Here's a graphic replay of the game, thanks to Back to Baseball.