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Tuesday Liftoff Links

While the Astros were fighting for the silly Silver Boot I was putting together these links so that you may stomp your enemies with.


Cool Stuff

Coolest. Thing. Ever. - Hot Corner - Baseball Nation
Very cool.


Not So Cool Stuff

It's Possible MLB’s "Second Look" at Jim Crane Might Be Something Not Yet Reported
Maury Brown addresses some of claims in his most recent article that got MLB to perk up it's ears in regards to Crane's past.

Mills hopes staff learns from Myers' gem | News
I don't typically link articles, because I figure you already read them but this is just ridiculous. The only pitcher that needs to learn from Myers most recent start is Myers. Absolutely every other pitcher in the rotation has out pitched Myers so far. Yes that includes J.A. Happ. (last statement made before Happ's start last night)

Celebrating Women in Baseball While Forgetting Anita Martini - Houston News - Hair Balls
A look at an influential member of the media who has been seemingly been forgotten.



The Minor Stuff

Appy Astros: First Look At 2011 G-Stros
A nice little scouting report on some of the players expected to play in Greeneville this year.

Appy Astros: Get To Know Your 2011 G-Stros
AppyAstro has your opening day roster breakdown for Greeneville.

Hooks rise to challenge against former Cy Young Award winner Brandon Webb - Houston Houston Astros |
During the offseason Brandon Webb signed with the Rangers even though he wasn't a 100%. well he's begun his journey back to the big leagues but apparently ran into the speed bump that is the Corpus Cristi Hooks.




Power Rankings

Beyond the Box Score Power Rankings: Week 12 - Beyond the Box Score
I'm a bit surprised the Astros haven't fallen all the way to the bottom with the way they have played recently.

FanGraphs Power Rankings – 6/20/11 | FanGraphs Baseball
And FanGraphs does not disappoint.