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TCB Draft Contest Winner Announced

I've been slow to get here but here's the results of the TCB Predict The Draft contest we had from a few weeks back. Out of all the entries, we had five who successfully picked three of the first 11 picks. That's the most anyone got right, so we had to go to the tiebreaker. There were 14 first-round picks out of high school, which means the big winner of the Baseball America Draft Almanac is our intern, Will Bonn. He correctly picked Francisco Lindor to Cleveland, Gerrit Cole to PIttsburgh and Bubba Starling to Kansas City. and nailed his guess on high schoolers, picking exactly 14.

The others to get three right were clack (Cole, Bauer, Bundy), Its Gonna Happen (Cole, Starling, Archie Bradley), patrickharrel (Cole, Bauer, Archie Bradley) and Curtis Leister (Cole, Bundy, Starling). Kmccrary1210 was the only one in the contest to successfully predict Houston's pick of George Springer.

The big problem for most of the prognosticators was Seattle at No. 2. Not everyone picked Anthony Rendon there, but there were only three people who picked someone other than Rendon, but none of those were Danny Hultzen. The other three picks that no one got right were Washington at No. 6 (no one saw Rendon dropping to them), the Cubs at No. 9 and San Diego at No. 10. The interesting thing with San Diego is that many mock drafts had them taking Cory Spangenberg, but none of our pickers did. As for our mock drafting skills here at TCB, we only got two right, nailing Cole at No. 1 and Bundy at No. 4.

Thanks to everyone who entered and look for more contests in the future.