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Astros Prove To Not Be Allergic To Lilly, Win 7-3

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The Astros and Dodgers entered Friday's series with uncertainty. The Astros wondered when their next victory would be, and the Dodgers wondered when their ownership questions would be solved.  As well as why they are the only two teams not playing interleague this week.

Brett Myers took on Ted Lilly. Lilly looked sharp in the 1st getting the 1st 3 Astros batters out. Myers had some early bumps when he walked Dee Gordon, and Kemp sent him in via sac fly to give the Dodgers a 1-0 lead.  The Astros during the recent losing streak have been plagued by giving up runs in the 1st inning. Both pitchers seemed to calm down in the 2nd and 3rd as the score stayed the same. Then in the 4th, Chris Johnson's double scored Carlos Lee to tie the game.

The offenses would be stagnant till the 6th, when the Astros decided they wanted to end the losing streak and those insurmountable opposing 1st inning leads with a 4 run 6th. Ted Lily was replaced after 5 and 1/3rds giving up 6 runs and striking out 4. Josh Lindblom came into replace him and gave up 1 run on a wild pitch which scored Brett Wallace to extend. Brett Myers's 11th career complete game seemed in peril when Andre Ethier hit a 2-run shot with 1 out to cut the Astros lead to 7-3, but Myers struck out Matt Kemp and James Loney grounded out. The win ended the Astros' three game losing streak.