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It's Been A Bad Week, Astros Lose 7-3

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Talk about kicking a team when they're down...

The Astros have had about as bad a week as I could imagine, and that's counting the victory over Atlanta on Monday. The Pirates have come in and pushed the Astros around, first winning a game with excellent pitching and then outhitting the Astros on Wednesday.

What's more disappointing is that the Astros had a chance to win this game. J.A. Happ was pitching well, only giving up runs because of Hunter Pence's gaffe in right early. Then, things went from bad to worse for Enerio Del Rosario, in the form of a terrible throw home by Brett Wallace.

Nothing was working right for Houston. Not the pitching, not the hitting, not the fielding. Who do they fire for that?

Thursday brings Jordan Lyles and a day game. I had given some thought to driving in for this game