Bring Back Orbit

My wife and I have been talking about this just about every day over the past two seasons. As we reach back into our memories of when we had something to root for other than the future, because face it these past couple of years we aint had much to cheer. However, I'm not here to bash the 'Stros, nor will i ever, but this is something that i think is stirring across the hometown faithful along with a few other musings.

We were listening to the 10th inning show the other night after the loss to the Braves and the topic was 10 things Jim Crane should/shoudn't do to encourage us fans. After a caller had the audacity to suggest raising ticket prices as a valuble move to increase revenue for free agent signings other callers chimed in on how to raise moral to the faithful and Astros alike. Two things that really got us excited was firstly new uniforms and secondly to bring back orbit!

The whole thing we always talk about it what the heck does a train and a jack rabbit have to do with space exploration? What does brick red pinstripes have to do with Houston? Nothing!

I read a few weeks the rumblings of other crawfishboxers over the uniform situation and i really like the idea of doing an updated version of the shooting star jerseys, you know the ones from before the rainbow era? (rainbows have nothing to do with space either) Personally, my favorite was the future star blue and gold of the 90's, but Jim Crane would do well by considering this. Think about the revenue built by a city buying all new memorabilia, jerseys, and caps.

Secondly, bring back orbit! I already mentioned that a Junction Jack has nothing to do with the Astros or Houston. Sure MMP is an the old train station, but in a city that is know for its sprawling metropolis and crazy highways i ask you...when was the last time you saw a jack rabbit in Houston...and is a 7ft tall jack rabbit in over-alls what you think of? Thats not cute, that freaking creepy! (imagine what would happen if you hit him with your car on i-45?) Nevertheless, Orbit is entertaining, interesting, and relevant. Replace the train in center with a UFO or Space Shuttle and let the engineer become an Astronaut. Maybe something thing to remember the Challenger or Columbia Disasters.

Either way their is to much history in Houston for us to simply try and fit in with the rest of the clubs around the league. The Astros are a newer team, but that new. We dont have to try and fit in with the league, we should embrace the future and set the trend for the up and comers.

P.S. I do not ever want to see an owner, GM, or manager listen to fans about free agents or strategy.

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