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Wednesday Liftoff Links

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While Jordan Lyles was making his debut, I was putting together these fresh links for your viewing pleasure.


In The Baseball World

Ryan Doumit Injury: Pittsburgh Catcher Suffers Ankle Injury In Collision, Lands On DL - Baseball Nation
Yet another catcher bites the dust. I was listening to the Dan Patrick show the other day, and he was opposed to doing something about collisions at home plate because it was Buster Posey a marque name. Now we've had a non-marque name and an in between catcher go down. It's gotta start somewhere and this is something MLB needs to address.

MLB: Buster Olney: Which National League bullpens are in the best shape? - ESPN
Buster ranks National League bullpens by most heavily used to best shape moving forward. This is one ranking the Astros fair well in, which is not a good thing.

Hitter Aging Curves - Beyond the Box Score
A look at aging and it's curves.



In The Farm system

Minor League Notes, May 31st, 2011 - Minor League Ball
My man crush Jose Altuve get's some love. On top of getting Jaws music played for Mark Melancon we need to start a campaign for Altuve to be promoted.

RedHawks insider: DeFrancesco settling in with Astros, Oklahoma City |
RedHawks manager Tony DeFrancesco is still getting used to life in a new organization. In seven seasons with Sacramento, DeFrancesco managed the River Cats to six division titles, four Pacific Coast League championships and two Triple-A championships.



In The Astros Organization

2011 Baseball Mock Draft, Mark II - Minor League Ball
John Sickels has a second take on the draft, this time the Astros are taking Taylor Jungmann, who we discussed in our most recent podcast, last time it was Dylan Bundy.

Ultimate Astros " Justice: Crane’s new venture full of curveballs
Are the Astros really on pace to lose 102 games. Sure, but they were on that pace last year so I'm not buying. Is this really all the surprising that by the end of May the Astros are considered bad. Like I said last year every team will win 60 games and lose 60 games. The Astros are closer to that number in the lose column, but there's still some good baseball yet to be played.

Prospect of the Day: Jordan Lyles, RHP, Houston Astros - Minor League Ball
John Sickels breaks down the newest Astro pitcher who is probably the most hyped call-up since Hunter Pence broke into the league in 2007.