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Monday Liftoff Links

While you were hopefully showering your Mother with gifts, i was putting together these mother approved links.


Minor Leauges

Legends' Wallace reveals the power behind the mask | Lexington Legends |

Pitchers around the South Atlantic League no longer have to ask, "Who is that masked man?" For those of you clamoring for more Chris Wallace news here it is. Mark Maloney has a nice profile on Chris Wallace, with some interesting tidbits on why he wears the mask on his batting helmet and why he's racking this year.

Hartsville's Lyles makes impact in Astros camp - The Item: Sports
Another month another article in which find out how good Jordan Lyles is. The best part is the end when Burt Hooton uses the word "youngsters".



Former Rockies Prospect Aneury Rodriguez Gets Brandon Lyon'd - Mile High Buzz - SB Nation Denver

I just love the term "Brandon Lyon'd"

Franchise players: Pick the greatest of the Houston Astros - Daily Pitch: MLB News, Standings, Schedules & More -

Franchise players: Pick the greatest of the Houston Astros. USA Today has a poll up asking you to vote for the greatest player in Astros History. The candidates are: Nolan Ryan, Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio, Lance Berkman or J.R. Richard.

Former Legends starting to make a mark in majors | Lexington Legends |

A profile on Brian Bogusevic and a look at former Lexington Legends players with the big league club.



In the Baseball World


Anthony Castrovince: Debate grows on whether it's time for Derek Jeter to drop in Yanks' batting order | News
This takes me back to the final seasons of Craig Biggio's career, in which there wasn't much of an outcry to move Biggio out of the top of the lineup, at least none that I read. But I wonder what my feelings would be today with my increased statistical knowledge and tools available.

Bruntlett safe at home | Journal and Courier |

Eric Bruntlett scored the winning run in a World Series, played in a College World Series championship game and led his high school to an Indiana state championship, now he's comfortably retired. To me the guy nick named Deep Impact was one of the better utility players the Astros had playing for them, at least as long as I've been following them.

Pitches Saved Since 1988, Or Greg Maddux Is A Wizard - Beyond the Box Score

When it comes to being economical with pitch counts, there is Greg Maddux, and then there is everyone else. Just another way in which Maddux brilliance shines.

Baseball's unwritten rules vary widely " Kitsap Sun

Very good article in regards to the supposed unwritten rules. You can count me as one that considers them completely hogwash.