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Your Mothers Should Be Ashamed, Astros Lose 5-4

It's my sincerest hope that you didn't have to watch this game and that you got to spend a pleasant day with your mothers instead.

I know that there are positive ways to put a spin on this game. After all, it did include one of the most improbable plays in recent memory, as Humberto Quintero scored from second base on a bunt. I don't even think Little Leaguers can pull that off.

Whatever good emotions were derived from that comeback were blown when Fernando Abad gave up that three-run home run to Ryan Doumit. I know I shouldn't complain about the bullpen so much, and that I shouldn't be so negative, but Saturday and Sunday were both winnable games for Houston. To squander those chances is just unacceptable.

What do we make of J.A. Happ's start? Is it good that he didn't blow up with a big inning like has in the past? Was he just lucky the Pirates couldn't hurt him worse than they did, what with him walking more batters than he struck out? I don't know, but it wasn't exactly the same feel-good start like Norris' and Wandy's the past two nights.

Last year, the Astros at least could seek solace in the knowledge that they were better than Pittsburgh. Heck, they were even better than the Cubs. So far in 2011, even though I think this is a more talented team, these Astros are not playing better than either of those two clubs.