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Super Sunday Links 8 May 2011

While Roy Hallady Charlie Morton was shutting down the Astros, I was putting together a list of links for you Sunday morning coffee.


Rob Neyer

Does MLB Need DUI Policy With Teeth? - Baseball Nation
Rob Neyer wonders if baseball should institute some form of punishment for players who are charged with a DUI. To me it's a simple answer, yes. Not for PR purposes, but because it's such a silly thing for players to do and so easily avoidable especially for a majority of players who have quite a bit of disposable income. Don't like the smelly cab driver? Hire some hottie to drive you home.

Is Charlie Morton Really The Next Roy Halladay? - Baseball Nation
Pittsburgh's Charlie Morton throws like Roy Halladay and he's pitching better than ever before. But is his performance anything like sustainable? Rob Neyer examines the reborn righty.



Baseball Video Highlights & Clips | TOR@TB: Upton tossed after striking out in the ninth - Video | Multimedia
5/4/11: B.J. Upton argues after striking out in the ninth inning and gets ejected from the game. I remember watching an interview with he and his brother Justin, and B.J. seemed to be the more laid back one. After this incident and his scuff with teammates last year, it appears Justin is the more laid back one. But that usually happens when things are going well for you.

Bill James - The Colbert Report - 5/5/11 - Video Clip | Comedy Central
Stephen Colbert interviews Bill James, and brings us the statistic Heads Batted In. Then asks who is the Babe Ruth of murder via HBI. Come to think of it Colbert talked more baseball than Bill James did.


The Astros Young Guns

Artist in Residence | Corpus Christi Hooks News
A nice profile on Corpus Christi pitcher and Subber10 man crush Dallas Keuchel. Here you'll learn how he got into baseball, and his aspirations as a shoe designer.

Astros Add Aneury to Rotation | FanGraphs Baseball
A look at Aneury Rodriguez and what he has to offer the Astros.