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Saturday Liftoff Links

While you were watching the Astros win one against the Pirates, I was not putting together links. Instead I went to go see the new movie Thor. It's pretty good.


‘Stabilizing’ Statistics: Interpreting Early Season Results | FanGraphs Baseball

A look at some of the statistics that have begun to stabilize, and the most interesting players in regards to those numbers.

Learning From Brett Wallace’s Fast Start | FanGraphs Baseball

It's a good news, bad news scenario for Wallace. The good is he's not as bad as last year, the bad he's not as good as he's shown so far this year.


Around SB Nation


No-hit Dominance & Futility since 1962 - Beyond the Box Score
A visualization of teams that have thrown and been the victim of no-hitters since 1962. Interesting that the Astros are tied for the most no-hitters thrown, and Nolan Ryan only threw one of those. Can you name them all?

Minor League Notes, May 5th, 2011 - Minor League Ball

John Sickels takes a look at a couple of prospects with ties to the Astros. The first is Anthony Gose who is in the Toronto Blue Jays organization and everyone's favorite projectible prospect Austin Wates. You will be pleased.

All-Underrated Team Begins With Shin-Soo Choo - Baseball Nation

An Astro shows up on Rob Neyers underrated team. Hint: he's already gotten two significant awards.







Instead of Taking Over a Bad Team, Relegate Them | FanGraphs Baseball

Alex Remington takes on an interesting concept that is currently used across the pond in soccer. Could it be applied to baseball, or is how we're currently doing things already offering more parity.

Ball Four tracers

Chris Jaffe takes a look at some of the stories from Jim Bouton's book Ball Four. He gives the tracer treatment to six stories from the book. If you're wondering what a tracer is, it's simply research on the story to corroborate it with an actual date in time based on information give in the story.