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Myers Roughed Up, Astros Lose 10-4

The Astros have played a few of these games this season. They've fallen behind early, come back with a flurry of runs late only to falter with a key bullpen lapse. That seems to be a formula for frustration.

And yet, no two losses are the same. In this one, it was Brett Myers suddenly regressing in one start, giving up nine hits, six runs, three walks while striking out four in 5 2/3 innings. It marked the first time in his Astros tenure that Myers has not thrown at least six innings.

But, Myers didn't lose this game alone. Brett Wallace looks to be falling into a mini-slump, going 0 for 4 in this one and 0 for 8 in his last two. He came up in a key spot in the top of the seventh today, with runners on second and third and the Astros down two runs. All he could manage was a weak ground out to third base. Mind you, I'm not criticizing Wallace when he's been one of the best players on the team over the past three weeks. But, his failing in this specific game led to a bad outcome.

And, as much praise as I heaped on Nelson Figueroa Wednesday, he sure didn't look good today. Giving up four run with the game already decided is one thing but doing it when the rest of the bullpen did a decent job today was disappointing. It seems that the Astros just can't with the relief corps this season. 

Anyways, Friday marks a new series and there were some good things to take out of the past three days. I'm already looking forward to Aneury Rodriguez' next start. Hopefully, it won't follow this disappointing formula.