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TCB Podcast Episode 4

We're back again for another week of Astros talk, and boy did we have a lot to talk about. Obviously there's the Jordan Lyles call-up but also the draft is quickly approaching. Look for another special podcast towards the end of the week in which we run through the all the selections in the draft up to and including the Astros selection.

In this weeks episode David Coleman, Brooks Parker and myself discuss among other thing:

  • The Jordan Lyles call-up
  • Promotions in the farm system
  • The trade deadline
  • Archie Bradley, Taylor Jungmann and the draft process
  • Who Jason Bourgeois replaces when he returns from the DL

We're one step closer to finally getting an iTunes link. The previous TCB podcast accidentally got needed to be deleted, so a new one will be submitted shortly and you'll be able to instantly download it to your Apple devices. In the mean time there is a work around. In iTunes go to Advanced then Subscribe to Podcast and put in this URL:


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If you have any comments or questions in regards to the podcast you can email the show at If you have a question you'd like us to answer on the podcast be sure to include your name and where you're from.