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Introducing TCB's Draft Preview

I realize I should have posted this on Sunday, when our draft previews started showing up, but better late than never...

This season, TCB is doing the same thing it did last year for the MLB draft, ramping up our coverage to newer heights. In addition to the 30-odd draft profiles we'll be putting up from now until Sunday, you're getting a mock draft podcast, more draft news and notes throughout the week and possibly a shadow draft sometime after the draft finishes up.

For now, be content with the draft profiles that will be filling your screen for the next week. Everyone is pitching in to write these up, and we have some fantastic content on the way. I would like to explain a bit on how we picked the players. These are not always players that Houston has a shot at drafting. They're just interesting guys going high in the draft that you may need to know about.

We tried to divide up the days into like minded players. Sunday was for players who were interesting college hitter who probably won't be drafted by the Astros, but are fun to think about anyways. Today, we're looking at the most interesting high school hitters that should be around when the Astros draft at No. 11.

Stop back next Monday for the first round of the draft and the following two days for the rest of it. We'll have open threads so you can talk about the picks, analysis of all the top guys joining the Astros organization and everything you've come to expect about TCB (meaning heavy doses of snark and idiocy).