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Monday Liftoff Links

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While the Astros were again blowing saves, I was putting together these links that will save you from the misery that is our fandom.


The Finer Things in Baseball

Introducing the Traditional Manager Index - Beyond the Box Score
At long last, there is now a stat to quantify which MLB managers have the most "old school" personalities. I love exercises in statistics like this.

A lucky 1/1000th of a second | Depth of Field | a blog
Haven taken a photography course this past semester I've gained a greater appreciation for work like this. What's great about this shot is Bourn's fact and concentration on home plate framed by both the ump and the catcher.

Craig Biggio lives a dream coaching sons Conor and Cavan - MaxPreps News
Former Houston Astros great has found new satisfaction in coaching his sons and leading St. Thomas Catholic to a TAPPS title.


All Things Astros

The unpredictable career of Brett Myers - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
Bill Baer of Crashburn Alley, a Phillies blog, takes a look back at Myers career. He also takes a statistically approach to what's going wrong with Myers this year.

The period which crippled the Astros
Nothing really you don't already know in this article, 2007 was a bad year for the Astros especially in the farm system, but David Dalati does check in on how the players Houston failed to sign are doing in their current organization.

Ultimate Astros " McLane, Wade keeping Crane’s group in the loop as draft approaches
Zach Levine discusses the draft with Ed Wade. Jim Crane is being kept in the loop and scouts are out in force right now taking a last look at players in high school and college in preparation for the upcoming draft.


Down on The Farm

Sports - Blogs - Around pro baseball ExBishop Kelley teammate reunite in Corpus Christi | Tulsa World
Blake King has some ties with another pitcher on the Corpus Chrisit Hooks' pitching staff. Hint: Subber10 has a man crush on him.