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Amateur Draft Profile: Fransisco Lindor, SS, Montverde Acadamy (Fla)



Players that are locks to stick at short-stop in professional ball are always highly valued and that's why your seeing his name associated with other potential top 10 picks.  Lindor is the top high school prospect  at short-stop and deservingly so.  He is very smooth in the field and has plenty of range.  His arm is very strong and very accurate as well.  Basically, he projects to be a top tier defensive short-stop.

Offensviely, how high you think of his bat depends on who you listen to.  I've seen scouts say his bat is a question mark while there are reports his bat projects to be a plus "tool."  He is a switch hitter with a polished approach from both sides of the plate which will allow him to handle the lower levels of the minors fairly well.  I think he'll be about a .280 hitter in his prime but because of his plate discipline he could have plus on-base skills.  He hits for more power from the left side where he has a little more natural loft in his swing but he has more length to it from that side.  From the right side, he is quicker to the ball and is much more compact. He's not a huge threat on the basepaths but has the speed to leg out a good number of doubles.


It's always difficult to project high school kids as they have much higher ceilings while having much lower floors, all because they are so far from the majors.  He's a lot like our own Jiovanni Mier where he can have some slightly above average power for his position, good bat, and above average defense.  With guys like that, the floor is always as low as minor league depth because their bat may never develop, much Wladimir Sutil.  Although, I don't think he is a big risk for his bat not to develop as he has great makeup and work ethic and will put in time time to develop his tools.


I've seen Lindor compared to Jimmy Rollins and Jose Reyes, although Lindor won't have the power or speed of Reyes.  That is definitely a very valuable ceiling.  As a 17 year old until November, he has plenty of room to fill out with muscle and add power but Reyes type power is pushing the ceiling a little high.  But, he can provide you Rollins type defense and become a top of the order hitter like Reyes (but to a lesser degree)

Will the Astros pick him? If so, where?

Lindor is probably going to be off the board already at number 11, but if he is still there, Heck will likely be tempted to pull the trigger.  We know Heck likes to take up the middle talent early and also values above average makeup, those both describe Lindor.  I've only seen Lindor last until 11 in a few mocks but that was months ago and since then his stock has risen.

Where is he projected to go right now?

Keith Law has him going No. 9 to the Cubs

Deep Leagues has him going No. 8 to the Indians

Jonothan Mayo has him going No. 5 to the Royals

Perfect Game has him going No. 5 to the Royals

Baseball America has him going No. 9 to the Cubs

John Sickels has him going No. 9 to the Cubs

Bibliography (Scouting Reports and Video)

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 Baseball Beginnings' John Klima:

Nimble-framed utility type with limited physical projection and power production, athleticism, and soft hands that should translate to ML bench role.

Keith Law:

He does not have one "wow" tool, but is the rare prep infielder with a high probability of reaching the majors. He'll be helped by the lack of true shortstop prospects in this year's draft.

Baseball America:

He's a switch-hitter with a line-drive stroke from both sides of the plate, and he has excellent hands that work both at the plate and in the field. He has the tools to play shortstop well at the highest level, with smooth actions, fluidity, instincts and good fundamentals. He's a plus runner but not a burner. Lindor's power is the biggest question about him.