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TCB's Houston Astros Players of the Week - May 20-26

Who were the best players on the Astros over the past week? Here's one man's opinions. Who do you have in those spots?

Hitter of the Week - Hunter Pence: We went over how solid Pence has been yesterday, but in the seven-day sample size ending today, he was a little bit better, hitting .419/.419/.618 in that stretch. He had three doubles and a home run in 31 plate appearances, adding six RBIs and five runs scored. Pence is on pace for 109 RBIs based on his rate through Wednesday and assuming he'll get to 650 plate appearances. ZiPS projects him to get to 103 RBIs. I know RBIs aren't a saber-friendly stat anymore, but just for grins, if Pence got to 103 RBIs, it'd be the most by an Astro since Lance Berkman had 106 in 2008. If he gets to 109, it'd be the most since Carlos Lee had 119 in 2007.

Pitcher of the Week - Mark Melancon: Last year, this spot was taken up almost exclusively by starting pitchers. More than that, it was Roy Oswalt's spot to lose each week. This is the fourth time so far I've given it to a reliever, and the third time that Shark has deserved it. He picked up his fourth victory over the weekend and has lowered his ERA under 2.00. He doesn't have the gaudy strikeout rates of Brad Lidge or Billy Wagner for the season, but in the past week, he struck out six in 3 2/3 innings.

Fielder of the Week - Bill Hall: Ha....just kidding. The real deal here is, once again, Clint Barmes. One of the reasons why I keep putting him here is the position he plays. I'm not sure he's playing shortstop any better than Michael Bourn is playing center field or Hunter Pence is playing right. The difference is that Barmes' defense has a much bigger impact on the game. From double plays to wheel plays to simple, every day ground balls, Barmes is in on a ton of plays, so great defense there is slightly more valuable.