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Comeback Kids Win Three Of Four Now, Astros Win 4-3

I really doubted the Astros were going to win this game, but once they started going in the ninth, there wasn't a doubt in my mind. For some reason, this game got me more excited late than I've been in a long time. That Angel Sanchez at-bat was amazing and I swear he struck out at one point (I guess he foul tipped the ball or something).

Then, I was just about sure Bourn would get a single after both Hall and Sanchez moved up, but I was afraid Barmes would strike out or fly out, ending the game. So, when he got put on, I had so much more confidence in Pence coming through, I actually felt like this was a good team again.

I was watching on this dinky little 10-inch TV, so I really couldn't see whether Pence's single was caught by the jumping shortstop or if it got through. That was my only doubt on the play, as I knew Bourn's speed would let him score from second. I should add that that was a bit irrational, since there is no way someone should be able to score on that broken bat, looping liner into shallow left field. Bourn is almost super-human with his speed. He stole second at one point in this game, and the tape looked sped up, like it was a highlight. Unreal.

All that really undoes another game where Mills was forced to use his starter a bit too long. I'm sure he was hoping Bud could get through the seventh and then he could bring in Lopez and Melancon, but considering they both were used for more than an inning Sunday and had just gotten back from Canada, I'm sure his bullpen was a little bare.

All in all, a good win. I get the sense that this is a beatable Dodgers team. Who knows? We could see our first series sweep of the season.