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Tuesday Liftoff Links

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While the Astros wrapping up a series win in the country known as America's hat, I was actually taking a nap but after that I put together these links that are just about as tasty as bacon.


Interleague Action

YouTube - Jose Bautista - Here Comes The Boom
After seeing Bautista I gotta say I came away impressed, the dude is an absolute beast. This video is well edited and gives Bautista the perfect theme song.

Ultimate Astros " Interleague play is a failed experiment that has run its course.
Paul Sherrill asks if interleague play has run its course. The Astros and Blue Jays is not a series you can get excited about, however getting the opportunity to watch Jose Bautista hit and watch the Astros get back to their astro turf roots was interesting. Certainly the novelty of interleague plays has worn off, but I still think its a nice change of pace for baseball fans.



Astro Action

Ultimate Astros " Things Jim Crane should NOT say to Commissioner Selig…
Just another reason why you should be on twitter. Richard Justice tasked his followers with things Crane should not say to Bud Selig. Among my favorites "You mean I have to put up some of my own money to own a team. That’s not what Frank said." the last one though is probably the best.

Astros Sunday Roundup: Brownie & JD And The First Player On The Block - SB Nation Houston
The Astros are pretty horrible right now, but does Jim Crane have the stones to initiate a franchise gutting? Joshua Powling AKA AstroB looks at our beloved broadcast team, and blowing the team up in the trade market.

Oswalt, Berkman thriving in their new NL environments | The News Journal |
Roy Oswalt knows how to get a hitter to chase a bad pitch, but there was no fooling Lance Berkman.

05/21/2011 - A TDIAH Review Of The McLane Era
A very good review of Drayton McLanes tenure as the owner of the Astros.



MLB Action

MLB Power Rankings: White Sox On Top, Indians At The Bottom - Baseball Nation
A power ranking that's probably okay for you team to come near the bottom in.

MLB's Cursed National Blackout Restrictions Kills Primetime Viewing
This is something we discussed in this weeks podcast, and I'm glad to see I'm not alone in my complaint about MLB's ridiculous blackout restrictions.