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Blue Jay Down, Astros Win 3-2

Hunter Pence had a really nice weekend north of the border. If the Astros really are exploring trading him to the Phillies, any visiting scouts would have a very favorable impression of him.

How well did he do? Pence was 6 for 14 with a double and the game-winning home run on Sunday. He's brought his average up nearly 10 points in just three days. That doesn't guarantee a trade, nor does it mean the Phillies will have enough to get a deal done.

Wandy was good enough to win as well, giving the Astros a second-straight strong road outing. The Astros followed my advice (maybe not to the letter) and leaned heavily on their two strongest relievers to bring this one home, as both Wilton Lopez and Mark Melancon pitched more than an inning.

Brett Wallace hit, Chris Johnson hit, Michael Bourn stole bases. It just a solid win all around. Of course, for those who can't stand the thought of the Astros winning and spoiling their chances at the No. 1 overall pick, this was a disaster. For everyone else, it was a much-needed reprieve from the awful baseball they've played since the Mets series.