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TCB Players of the Week

Chris Johnson's resurgence gets him the Hitter of the Week award
Chris Johnson's resurgence gets him the Hitter of the Week award

Some new faces join the party this week and we have one holdover winner, who, as predicted, may own that award for the rest of the season...

Hitter of the Week: Chris Johnson - It was a weird week for Johnson. He lost time to Matt Downs because of a sore wrist, but his numbers were much better than they've been in the past. He didn't hit for much power, but he had a solid line drive rate and his walk rate went up. His .462/.533/.568 line was the best on the team and makes up for his subpar .077 ISO average. With most of his average this week fueled by his high batting average on balls in play, expect him to regress some from this high rate. Johnson still saw the lowest percentage of fastballs on the team in the past week, but his success here is encouraging.

Pitcher of the Week: Wilton Lopez - It seems like every week, there is one reliever who steps up, even as other falter. Clack covered the Astros problems with blown saves earlier today, so I'd like to instead recognize how nice of a return Lopez has had. In the past week, he's pitched in three games, throwing four innings and allowing two hits, one run and a walk while striking out three. His FIP and tERA were the lowest on the team during that time and only J.A. Happ had a lower line drive rate.

Defender of the Week: Clint Barmes - What can I say? Even when Barmes makes errors, he still makes up for it with incredible plays. That one earlier this week where he got to the ball up the middle and made a backhand toss to Bill Hall at second to start a double play was very nearly brilliant. It's just a pleasure watching Barmes play shortstop, much like Michael Bourn in center field.