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Tuesday Liftoff Links

Astros Sale Special: today's links are all about the sale of the Astros.



Mills reflects on McLane, sale of Astros to Jim Crane - Houston Houston Astros |
Brad Mills gives his thoughts and how they affect the team in regards to the impending sale of the Astros.

Houston Astros would face dramatic changes under new owner " Corpus Christi Caller-Times
Joel Roza gives his impressions of the Astro sale as well as what he thinks should and will be done.

YouTube - Rosenthal: 'Stros sold?'s Ken Rosenthal on the pending sale of the Houston Astros to Jim Crane.

Astros react to being sold
The Astros are grateful to McLane on his way out, but wonder what the future holds under new management.

Astros County: The Only Astros Blog That Matters: Tread Carefully
Dating is used in reference to the sale of the Astros, and I have to agree, because I've done the same thing. While there's a lot of excitement about a new owner, sometimes things don't turn out the way you expect them to.

Astros heading in a new era
During the McLane years there were a lot of memorable moments and achievements. Greg Lucas weighs in with his thoughts on the change in ownership.



Getting to Know The New Guys

George Postolos - SportsBusiness Daily | SportsBusiness Journal
This article is from 2002 put it applies as it looks at George Postolos who helped turn around another Houston based franchise.

10 things you don't know about new Houston Astros owner Jim Crane - 2011-May-14 - CultureMap Houston
Jim Crane is set to become the new owner of the Houston Astros, here are 10 things about the new owner.

Ultimate Astros " Astros sale: Crane ready for the business of baseball
This is a long profile on Jim Crane's past and speculates what kind of owner he will be.

Astros County: The Only Astros Blog That Matters: Other owners coming into focus
Astros County does the footwork on some of the others involved in the ownership group.


Drayton McLane

Ultimate Astros " Justice: Drayton and ties that bind
Richard Justice has a nice article on Drayton McLane and what his plans for the future are.


Videos after the jump


Jim Crane and the University of Central Missouri:


Ken Rosenthal reacts to the impending sale of the Astros: