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This Wasn't On The Bullpen, Astros Lose 7-4

You know, there was a reason that Aneury Rodriguez was available via the Rule 5 draft. There's also a reason the Astros picked him in that draft. He's got a lot of potential, but he's not really major league ready. He's going to have games like this one.

And that's okay. If the Astros are going to have someone take a beating every five days, I'd rather it be the guy with potential and not the 37-year old retread. Aneury at least has the chance to get better. Nelson Figueroa did not. Plus, every Aneury start is one more that Jordan Lyles doesn't have to start in the majors. 

So, you take games like this. There were still things to like. For instance, Clint Barmes hit his first home run as an Astro, adding two walks to the mix. Bill Hall also continued his upward trend with his batting line, which is a good thing. Chris Johnson picked up a hit and had another nice day at the plate, also drawing a walk.

It was too little, too late, though. This whole series, the Houston offense has been adequate, but not quite good enough to pull away, except on Saturday. I guess that's what you get for relying on so many young players.