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Super Sunday Links 15 May 2011

While the Astros were taking on the Mets, I was putting together these delightful links.

Former Astros and One Current Astro

Making sense of Bud Norris
He's performing like a legitimate ace with some solid peripherals to back it up, but something doesn't seem quite right. Vince Caramela digs deeper into the success of Bud Norris.

One or Eight: Jeff Bagwell and Sadaharu Oh Went All In | pitchers & poets
Jeff Bagwell's early slump and self-questioning reminded me of the way that Sadaharu Oh discussed himself as a hitter in his autobiography.

Lance Berkman: Slugging Up, Strikeouts Down. - Beyond the Box Score
Why is Lance Berkman having such a great season so far? I feel like every time I link a Lance Berkman article it's a slap in the face to Astro fans every where. Stick your face in it.

Joe Posnanski " Posts Blame Beltran "
Karma. Imagine what 2005 would of looked like with Carlos Beltran manning center field instead of Willy Taveras. And people wonder why Astro fans boo Carlos Beltran when he came to town. Both of us may of come out ahead had he stayed in Houston.


The Draft

Alternate Universe 2011 Baseball Draft, Part One - Minor League Ball
Alternate Universe 2011 Baseball Draft, Part One: A look at how top high school hitters from the 2008 draft may have fared if they had gone to college

Alternate Universe 2011 Baseball Draft, Part Two - Minor League Ball
Round two of John Sickels alternate universe draft.


Baseball Things

Why MLB (Officially) Frowns Upon Fraternizing - Baseball Nation
What are your thoughts on player fraternization before games? Personally I don't care for it, I'd rather not see them do it. If you want to go out after the game with a buddy or chat it up behind closed doors, fine. But when you're on the field and in uniform there are reasons you're in separate dugouts.

When Do Standings Actually Matter? - Beyond the Box Score
When do standings matter? When can we tell with relative certainty we're looking at season-ending results? A nice article on standings and how the correlate to the standings at the end of the season.