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How Close Is the Jim Crane Takeover?

Not close.

We are going to talk about this a lot in the next week, looking at anything from what Crane should do with the front office, what he should do with the roster, how much the team is worth, and much more.

But, I want to take a moment first to say this: SLOW DOWN.

Every news outlet is jumping on this, saying the sale will be finalized next week. The news stations are jumping over each other to get the scoop. That's great and all, I know, but it ignores a significant issue. The fact that Crane still has to get approved by the other owners. With his shady past in terms of discrimination, it's not a slam dunk.

Plus, those owners aren't likely to meet again before next month, which means the process can't even be brought to a vote until then. I don't think this will be a big problem, as I'm sure Drayton and his good buddy Bud Selig will convince enough guys out there that Crane is good for the team and, more importantly, will remain good for their pocketbooks. But, that bump may make this process slow down a bit.

It still might be approved by the All-Star break, which is the prediction that I think RJ threw out a while back. The question we should be asking as fans is this: if Crane's past will cause the owners to pause, how should we as fans react? How will those fans that fall into the categories Crane allegedly discriminated against feel about him? Is there even a place for fans to draw a line at the owner's actions? 

Those are questions we need to ask, and before we start playing with his money or his front office. It's that Outside the Lines stuff that gets messy, but can be just as important.