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Norris, Astros Bullpen Lose It Late In 6-4 Loss to Mets

Who do you blame this one on? Do you blame Brad Mills for leaving Bud Norris in too long? Cudly Budly wasn't bad, striking out eight, walking three and allowing three hits before the eighth. He gave up a bad home run to Fernando Martinez, but the final run charged to him was more on Jeff Fulchino.

Which brings me to the second point. Can you blame Mills for not trusting his bullpen and seeing how long Bud could carry him? How unreliable has that 'pen been this season? Are there two guys Mills can trust outside Melancon, whos' a rookie?

Do you blame the hitters for not scoring more runs? They certainly staked Bud to a lead early and extended it later on. Chris Johnson finally had a decent game, but there still wasn't much power. So, do you blame the hitters for not hitting the ball once the pitchers gave up the lead?

I think it's all of the above. I think Mills is to blame, but he's only to blame because he doesn't have a bullpen right now. Norris is to blame, because he gave up that gopher ball and tired late. The hitters are to blame, because they didn't get more than five hits off Dillon Gee or a mishmash of bullpen guys. 

Oh, and blame em and every other fan, who has chosen to put up with this team. We bring this misery upon ourselves. Following a team that can't even beat the Mets is tough. I'm going to hope tomorrow is better, knowing it probably won't be, but for that, I can only blame myself.