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This Day In Astros History: May 11, 1999

Boy, I've been falling down on the job this week! Sorry for the lack of TDIAH posts this week, but hopefully this one will slightly make up for it. Today, back in 1999, the Astros beat the Pirates 19-8, setting team records for the most doubles and RBIs in a single game.

Sean Bergman was the unlikely beneficiary of all that offense in the Astrodome, picking up the victory for Houston despite giving up six runs and 11 hits in five innings of work. Bergman also struck out as many batters (2) has he gave up home runs two (2). His Game Score was a pitiful 22, but a win's a win, I guess.

Todd Richie, Chris Peters and Keith Osik got the brunt of the damage for the Pirates. And what was that damage exactly?

Here are the Astros who recorded doubles in this game: Tim Bogar, Richard Hidalgo (2), Paul Bako (2), Craig Biggio, Jeff Bagwell (2), Carl Everett and Ken Caminiti. The only Astros starting position player without a double in this game was Derek Bell, who only hit 22 doubles all season. To top that off, the Pirates hit four doubles of their own. Since that time, just four teams have hit at least 10 doubles in a game. Most recently, Toronto did it in a game from 2008 against Boston.

As for those record 19 RBIs, the bulk of them came from four players. Carl Everett led the way with five, while Jeff Bagwell and Ken Caminiti each had four and Tim Bogar added three.The RBI party was so fast and loose in this one that relief pitcher Brian Williams got one of his own, hitting a Texas Leaguer over the shortstop in the seventh inning. Williams finished his career with nine RBIs, but that was the second-to-last RBI of his 10-year career.