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Myers Blown Up Again, Astros Lose 7-3

What's wrong with Brett Myers

No, really. Is this what regression looks like all sped up? Did the Astros really give this guy a long-term contract? 

I want to overreact. I want to stop being cautious and start overreacting to this stuff, but I can't yet. Especially when the reason Myers got in so much early trouble in this game was the loss of his control. Plus, this is a tough Reds lineup, who'd just seen him in his last start up in Cincinnati. That had to play into it some too.

Maybe Myers is just hurt, like with Lyon. He's had a history of problems in the past, but always fought going on the disabled list. Maybe he's doing the same thing now, trying to play through an injury and is seeing his effectiveness just plummet.

All I know is the past two games have been torture, even with a couple late semi-comebacks. The game was over before the third inning the past two nights, which is the kind of bad that I thought this team was past. 

I don't know. I'd like to have something smart to say, but I think it's as simple as this. The Reds are very good. The Astros are not.

As a side note to all you readers out there...I am still reading all your comments. I just started a new job a few weeks ago and haven't figured out how to make everything return to normal just yet. My time is spent in very different ways with some technology that's not always up to updating and posting to a comment thread. I'll get it figured out, just bear with me.