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Wednesday Liftoff Links

While the Astros were signing Max Ramirez, I was putting together these dirt blocking links for your viewing pleasure.


Candidate For Highlight of the Year and Goofiest

Baseball Video Highlights & Clips | SD@MIL: Betancourt turns two on behind-the-back flip - Video | Multimedia
In the words of a 14 year old girl who just meet Justin Bieber "Oh. eM. Gee"

Video Highlights & Clips - MiLB | Oklahoma City's Jordan Lyles induces a double play - Video | Multimedia | The Official Site of Minor League Baseball
This is just silly. Jordan Lyles is quite possibly the dumbest, goofiest, and silliest double play. Yes all those words apply to the play.

The Draft

2011 Baseball Mock Draft: First Round - Minor League Ball
It's getting to be that time again, where we speculate on who the Astros are going to take in the draft. John Sickels just put his Mock Draft and has the Astros taking....well I'll let you go there and find out.

2011 Baseball Mock Draft: Supplemental Round - Minor League Ball
And we move into the Supplemental Round of the draft. Unfortunately the Astros do not have a pick here, like they did last year.


Astros Talk

The Chicago Cubs' Jim Hendry has compiled a lot of talent. Firing him now would be a bad move - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN
Ken Rosenthal compares Brett Wallace to Dustin Pedroia.

Ultimate Astros " Talking points: How much has an imploding bullpen cost the Astros?
Steve Campbell takes a look at the Astros record after the 7th inning. WARNING: It's not pretty.

FanGraphs Power Rankings – 5/9/11 | FanGraphs Baseball
I think you can figure out without clicking on the link where the Astros are.


Baseball Talk

Joe Posnanski " Posts Verlander And No-Nos "
A look at Justin Verlander and some of the other pitchers who have thrown multiple no-hitters. Two former Astro pitchers appear on the list as well as a mention of another.

Why Doesn't Nationals Park Recognize the Expos All That Much? - Beyond the Box Score
Hands down baseball is the sport that best recognizes its past. However the Nationals organization seems to of forgotten its past. Which got me thinking about the Astros, and while at first glance they do a very good job of remembering the history of the Astros, I have a very limited knowledge of the Colt .45s.

First Official On-The-Field Rally Cap Created for Altoona Curve
Very cool hat a Minor League team is coming out with.

Start the season with the All-Star Game
Instead of having the All-Star Game be the Mid-Season Classic, why not have it be the spectacular season opener? An interesting idea. I definitely like the idea of showcasing the Hall of Fame induction at the break instead of the All-Star game.