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Studly Budly Strikes Out Brewers, Astros Win 5-0

If this season is about getting excited about the Astros season, Bud Norris is making a bid for the nicest surprise this year. He showed just why we can get a little excited about the future in slapping down the Brewers with 7 2/3 shutout innings. Norris allowed three hits and three walks while striking out a season-high 11 batters. It's also the most batters Norris has struck out in a games since he sat down 14 Pirates last August 14.

Norris' impressive performance was mitigated a little by an equally impressive slump-busting performance from Carlos Lee, which he followed up with a bad collision with Angel Sanchez in the seventh inning. From this report by Brian McTaggart, it seems like it may be a rib injury Carlos is worried about. No word on how much time he'll miss, but it appears that Jason Bourgeois will get time in left field until he's back.

That's two straight strong starts for Astros starters, which is great. When the starters pitch longer into the game, it takes pressure off the bullpen, who's certainly struggled so far. With Aneury Rodriguez moving into the rotation, this is a team with some serious promise all of a sudden. 

The Astros may not always win series like they did this weekend, but at least they'll be interesting. What more can we ask?