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Super Sunday Links 1 May 2011

While Z-Lev was checking out Delino DeShields Jr., I was putting together some links for your Sunday morning cup-o-joe.



Graphing BABIP against Speed | FanGraphs Baseball
This isn't anything we don't already know, but it reinforces the belief that guys with higher speed scores will typically have a higher batting average on balls in play.


Iannetta Battles the BABIP Gods | FanGraphs Baseball
An interesting look at Colorado Rockies catcher Chris Iannetta and his unique batting average on balls in play.


Carlos Lee Timer
I'm sure many of you will be pleased with this website.





Drafting and Development


Ultimate Astros " Gone farmin’: Lots to like for Astros at Lexington
Zachary Levine looks at the similarities and differences between the Astros and their class affiliate the Lexington Legends.



Six More Interesting High School Prospects for the 2011 Draft - Minor League Ball
Six Additional Interesting High School Prospects for the 2011 Draft





The All Bonus Baby Team: Astros - Beyond the Box Score
Today we're continuing our series that asks, "What kind of team could each organization build using only players drafted and signed since 2000?" Houston practically threw away multiple drafts during the past decade and that's pretty clearly reflected in what you'll see below. I thought I had previously linked this, but going back through the link posts I must of missed it.




Around SB Nation


Full On Double Wildcard: What Does This Mean? - Beyond the Box Score
It looks like another wild card spot is coming to next years playoffs. This article takes a look at the different possibilities for a best of three series.

Brain Trust Devises Hypothetical Pence Trade To Phillies - Around the Loop - SB Nation Houston

Already with the Houston Astros' terrible start, commentators have started eyeing up their few remaining assets, and Hunter Pence is one of them. Joshua Powling aka AstroB explores the possibility of trading Pence and the impact it would have on the team.